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With 220 lined pages, this 6x9 inch blank journal is perfect for all your most intimate magical thoughts! Available in paperback and hardcover to be used as a traditional grimoire, book of shadows, or for any of the following:

  • Write spells, rituals, reflections, mantras, and affirmations.
  • Plan sabots, sacred circles, and mystical ceremonies.
  • Track daily tarot, astrological transitions, moon phases, or other journal activities.
  • Doodle, collage, or dream up your next witchy wonder.

Mystical journals from Wyrd Witch NJ are designed to create space for you to unleash the Creatrix within, connect to your sacred purpose, and reclaim your power by cultivating authentic alignment, fostering spiritual growth, and forging meaningful connections to the Divine. We hope our journals can help you pivot like a Priestess, embrace the magic of everyday sacredness, and tap into the cyclical power of seasonal wisdom, nature, tarot, and astrology. A Wyrd Witch is a Woman Inspired to Create Herstory and we can't wait to see you fly!

6x9 Wyrd Witch Journal

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