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The Wyrd Way

Our services use a combination of wyrd tools to guide spiritual seekers walking The Wyrd Way ©. We are frequently adding to our individual offerings, workshops, moon circles, and specialized experiences to help you authentically align, heal, grow, and live the life of your witchy dreams! Need a custom/personalized spell or something else not listed below? Email us at to see how we can help! 

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30 minute session - great for returning or first-time seekers wanting to "check in" with Spirit and dig into one or two specific life areas using soul-centered tarot.

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60 minute session -  addresses the power of your “Big Three” and utilizes the wisdom of soul-centered tarot to guide, heal, and inspire you to Pivot like a Priestess and step into your power! 

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60 minute session - combines soul-centered tarot, intuitive astrology, and wyrd witchery to provide a full natal chart overview that will cover the magic of your sun, moon, and rising signs as they pertain to your individual sacred purpose. Major planetary placements,  soul challenges, and specific yearly themes will be explored to help you take inspired action and live your authentic purpose.


In addition to the standard readings, you can work with the Wyrd Witch in private sessions designed to meet your specific needs. Spiritual Sessions may use a combination of various wyrd tools including, but not limited to: Tarot, Intuitive Astrology, Spiritual/Intuitive Wellness Methods. Complete the form below to get a quote, discuss your magical goals, and start your journey today! See below for popular areas of possible focus: 

•    personal advancement / spiritual development / sacred purpose / goddess growth / priestess pivoting

•    trauma healing / general wellness / feminist focused / deconstruction from patriarchal, corporate, and/or capitalistic conditioning

•    Shadow work / Stepping into your power / igniting the Creatrix 

•    Love/Relationship, Career, and/or other specific individual focus 

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