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Wyrd Witch is a metaphysical shop and spiritual community located in the historic coastal community of Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Our products and services are designed to help cultivate authentic alignment, foster spiritual growth, cultivate seasonal sacredness, and celebrate local lore.


Wyrd Witch in the Wild:

NJ’s Good Witch of the Northeast: Getting otherworldly at Wyrd Witch in Atlantic Highlands

By: Ray Schweibert | April 19, 2024  |

If seeking to gain a deeper understanding of otherworldliness and interconnectivity, helping others harness their inner strengths to heal and grow, and exploring all matters of mysticism and spirituality are all qualities of being a witch, then Tiffany Berryman truly fits the mold.

Sharing a deep kinship to the history of the area she was raised in – largely through walks she took as a child with her grandfather and the wisdom he instilled – and as someone whose innate curiosity led to her earning a master’s degree in theology, Tiffany and her cousin, Jaclyn Conway, created Wyrd Witch in Atlantic Highlands in October 2023.

Magical Circles


UPCOMING DATES: Wed. 7/10, Wed. 8/7


UPCOMING DATES: Thurs. 6/20, Wed. 7/24

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Looking for a Witchy Community?

The Creative Collective

Deepen your creative connection and strengthen your sacred practice. This monthly circle is a topic driven Wyrd led discussion exploring the spirituality of creativity and the creativity of spirituality through the magic of Sacred Writing. 

The Cosmic Coven

Ready to wake the witch? Embrace the magic of each season, strengthen your spiritual connection, and stand in your power! This monthly spiritual circle is  for authentic alignment, healing, and awakening through astrological enlightenment and energy work. 

The Wyrd Witch

We utilize a combination of wyrd tools to guide spiritual seekers walking The Wyrd Way ©.  Need a custom/personalized spell, want to book a group event, looking to take a class or need something else? Email or click the button below to see how we can help!



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