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Welcome Witches

Wyrd Witch is a metaphysical shop and spiritual community located in the historic coastal community of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. We help women connect to their sacred purpose and reclaim their power with products and services that cultivate authentic alignment and spiritual growth, highlight the simplicity of everyday sacredness, embrace the cyclical nature of seasonal wisdom, relish the magic of local lore, and challenge societal norms.

The Wyrd Way

The Creative Collective

Looking for a creative community, want to deepen your creative connection, or simply interested in digging a little deeper into your sacred practice? The Collective is a topic driven Wyrd led discussion exploring the spirituality of creativity and the creativity of spirituality through the magic of Sacred Writing.

The Cosmic Coven

Ready to wake the witch? Your divine purpose is not a mystery, it’s literally written in the stars. The Cosmic Coven is a spiritual energy circle for authentic alignment and awakening through  astrological enlightenment, and energy work. Embrace the magic of each season, strengthen your spiritual connection, and stand in your true power!

The Wyrd Witch

Are you interested in working with the witch? Visit our spiritual services page to see how we can help you witchify your life! 


Upcoming Events

Next Creative Collective Circle: Wednesday, April 10th @6:00PM

Next Cosmic Coven Circle Alignment: Wednesday, April 24th @6:00PM (Taurus Season)

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